Philippine Nuclear Research Institute

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Radiation Protection Services

Secondary Standards Dosimetry Laboratory

PNRI maintains and operates a Secondary Standards and Dosimetry Laboratory (SSDL) for national standard radiation dosimetry . It also conducts routine calibration of radiation monitoring instruments to check the accuracy/sensitivity and linearity of response of instruments under normal working condition. Instruments that PNRI calibrates include survey meters, pen dosimeters, ratemeters, contamination meter and therapy dose meters.

Radioactive Waste Management Facility

PNRI maintains and operates the only centralized  Radioactive Waste Management Center in the country. It provides radioactive waste management services for the waste generated from use of radioactive materials from the different nuclear applications e.g industry, medicine , research and educational institutions. The facility  ensures the safe management and secure  storage of radioactive waste by adapting the international standards and practices.  The management of radioactive waste involves the segregation,  treatment and conditioning prior to interim storage in the engineered trenches in the facility.

PNRI Library

The PNRI library has a very comprehensive collection of literature in nuclear science and technology.  It provides library services and assistance to   various clients. The PNRI library is open to users from Monday to Friday , 8:30 AM to  4:30 PM.