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R&D confab highlights latest innovations in nuclear S&T

The Philippine Nuclear Research Institute invites researchers, the academe, students, and interested individuals to the opening of the biennial Philippine Nuclear Research and Development Conference on Dec. 6. To be held virtually on Dec 6 and 8, the PNRDC now accepts registration of attendees at

Speakers on the opening day include Dr. Chung Keng Yeow of the Singapore Nuclear Research and Safety Initiative of the National University of Singapore who will speak on “Innovative Nuclear Technologies: Small Modular Reactors” and Dr. Roberto Bedogni of the Frascati National Laboratories of the Instituto Nazioanale Fisica Nucleare in Italy who will present “Radiation Resistant Neutron and Photon Detectors.”

On the second day, Dec. 8, speakers will be Dr. Sobhana Sivasankar of the Plant Breeding and Genetics Section of the Joint FAO/IAEA Center of Nuclear Technologies for Food and Agriculture at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Austria who will talk about “Plant Breeding Mutation” and Prof. Satoshi Minoshima of the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences of the University of Utah in the USA who will discuss “Molecular Imaging Biomarkers for Dementia Diagnosis.”

The PNRDC will feature papers and posters highlighting nuclear radiation and technology applications in health and environment; radiation protection, nuclear safety, security, and safeguards; nuclear and radiation technology applications in industry and agriculture; and nuclear engineering, technology, and policies.

The PNRDC, held every other year, started in 2018 as a venue to showcase the latest research, development, and innovations in nuclear science and technology in the Philippines and beyond. This year’s abstract presentations will be included in the second special issue on nuclear S&T of the Philippine Journal of Science. Leading the PNRDC this year are Dr. Alvie Astronomo, Dr. Jordan Madrid, and Dr. Justine Perry Domingo. #PNRDC2022 #nuclearPH #dostPNRI (Nuclear Information and Documentation Section, PNRI)