Guidebook for Nuclear Amazing Race

The Nuclear Amazing Race is an outreach activity desisgned for students and young professionals. In this activity, game contestanys learn about the applications and developments in nuclear science and technology (NST) as they complete tasks and challenges in various race stations. This guidebook was developed by PNRI for general use and circulation.

Compendium of Training Statistics

Compendium Training Statistics (2011-2016)

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Compendium Training Statistics (2017-2020)

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Country Programme Framework (CPF)
CPF Cover edited

The Country Programme Framework (CPF) constitutes the frame of reference for the medium-term planning of technical cooperation between the Republic of the Philippines and the lnternational Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for the period 2016-2021. This document serves as a basis for the conceptualization and formulation of reliable technical cooperation projects that meet the current priorities of the Philippine Government for socio-economic development based on the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2OL7-2022 and the Government's commitments to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while meeting the quality and sustainability criteria of the IAEA

CPF 2016-2021
COMPASS: Compendium of PNRI Research Outputs (2016-2020)

Compass provides a consolidated list of abstracts of all research outputs engaged in by PNRI researchers and which have been published in the form of journal articles and conference presentations. This publicaton is intended to be a reference tool for researchers in the field of nuclear science and technology, as well as a documentation of PNRI's contribution in research and development in the country.

Covering research outputs from 2016 to 2020, this volume was developed in 2021 by the PNRI Library under the Nuclear Information and Documentaton Section.

PNRI Newsletter
PNRI Newsletter Vol 12 

The PNRI Newsletter is an online publication of the of the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI), a research and development institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

PNRI Newsletter Volume 1
PNRI Newsletter Volume 2
PNRI Newsletter Volume 3
PNRI Newsletter Volume 4 
PNRI Newsletter Volume 5
PNRI Newsletter Volume 6
PNRI Newsletter Volume 7
PNRI Newsletter Volume 8
PNRI Newsletter Volume 9
PNRI Newsletter Volume 10
PNRI Newsletter Volume 11
PNRI Newsletter Volume 12
PNRI Annual Reports

The PNRI Annual Report presents the contribution of the Institute towards the attainment of the national development aspirations for a better quality of life for all Filipinos.

The accomplishments of PNRI cited in this Reports attest to the concerted efforts of the PNRI staff to harness the unique capabilities and advantages of nuclear science and technology in supporting national development programs.

Philippine Nuclear Research Institute Annual 2021 Report
Philippine Nuclear Research Institute Annual 2020 Report
Philippine Nuclear Research Institute Annual 2019 Report
Philippine Nuclear Research Institute Annual 2018 Report
Philippine Nuclear Research Institute Annual 2017 Report
Philippine Nuclear Research Institute Annual 2016 Report
Philippine Nuclear Research Institute Annual 2015 Report
Philippine Nuclear Research Institute Annual 2014 Report
Philippine Nuclear Research Institute Annual 2013 Report
Philippine Nuclear Research Institute Annual 2012 Report
Philippine Nuclear Research Institute Annual 2011 Report
Annual Reports Archive
PNRI Information Materials

The Philippines Nuclear Research Insitute develops print materials such as brochures/flyers on the beneficial applications of nuclear science and technology in food and agriculture, medicine, industry and the environment. These materials are distributed to the following: PNRI visitors during educational tours, walk-in visitors, students and teachers during nuclear awareness seminars, media people, and to the public during technology fairs.

  General Information
  bullet How Can PNRI Serve You
  bullet Philippine Nuclear Research Institute
  bullet Radiation in our Daily Life
  bullet Moving Forward with Nuclear Science and Technology
  bullet About PNRI
Food and Agriculture
  bullet Enhancing Agricultural Productivity
  bullet Carrageenan PGP as Plant Food Supplement
  bullet Crop Improvement Through Mutation Breeding
bullet Improvement of Ornamentals Through Gamma Irradiation
bullet Irradiation for Food Safety and Quality
bullet Radiation–Processed Materials from Natural Polymers
bullet Nuclear Techniques for Efficient Nutrient and Water Management for Rice and Corn Production
  bullet Receptor Binding Assay for Red Tide Toxin Monitoring
  bullet Ready-to-Eat Honey Nutribars
  bullet Ready-to-Eat Meals for Immunocompromised Persons
  Health and Medicine
  bullet Ensuring Accessible Healthcare
  bullet Hemostats for Bleeding Control
  bullet Burn/Wound Dressing from Carrageenan
  bullet Technetium-99m Medical Radioisotope
  bullet Radiation–Processed Materials from Natural Polymers for Health Applications
  bullet Radiation–Sterilized Honey Alginate Wound Dressing for Exudating Wounds and Burns
  bullet Sterile Insect Technique Against Dengue Mosquito Vector
  bullet Improving Industrial Competitiveness
  bullet Gamma-Ray Column Scanning Technique for Industries
  bullet Electron Beam Irradiation Facility for Research and Industry
  bullet A Nuclear Solution to Plastic Pollution
  bullet Securing Safe and Clean Environment
  bullet Nuclear Techniques in Environmental Studies
  bullet Isotope Studies for Water Resource Management
  bullet Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring
  bullet Radiation-Grafted Abaca Non-Woven Fabric for Heavy Metal Pollutants
  Nuclear Services
  bullet PNRI Services
  bullet Nuclear Analytical Techniques
  Nuclear Safety and Security
  bullet Ensuring Nuclear Safety and Security
  bullet Nuclear S&T in Disaster Preparedness and Response
  bullet Preparedness in Radiation-Related Emergencies Through RADPLAN
  bullet Mobile Detection System
  Multi-media Information Materials
  bullet Learn About Nuclear Science the Easy Way
Philippines Nuclear Journal

 publication pnj

The Philippines Nuclear Journal (PNJ) is published annually by the Philippine Nuclear Research Insitute. This science journal is devoted exclusively to accounts of researchers, studies, and activities on nuclear energy and related fields carried out in the Philippines or by Filipinos in investigations done outside the country.