The PNRI, through the Nuclear Training Center (NTC), conducts training courses for government agencies, private companies, various industries, medical institutions, the academe, and the general public. These include the provision of training courses in nuclear science and technology, radiation safety, and non-destructive testing techniques (conducted in cooperation with the Philippine Society for Non-destructive Testing, Inc.).


The PNRI training program on nuclear science and technology aims to familiarize participants with the fundamentals of nuclear science and technology, the basic principle of radiation protection, and the peaceful application of nuclear technologies in agriculture, in medicine, in industry, in research and environment.

Nuclear training courses are offered every year to different groups such as medical practitioners, science educators, researchers, engineers, and technicians.


The courses consist of lectures, experiments, video showings, demonstrations, workshop studies. Examinations are given to assess the participants’ understanding of the subject matter being taught.  Certificates of satisfactory completion are issued to participants who have demonstrated satisfactory knowledge of the subject matter presented and the ability to apply it.

Nuclear Training Facilities

The NTC maintains a radioisotope laboratory and NDT laboratory and facilities for use by trainees. Laboratories and facilities of the different research units in PNRI are also made available to the trainees. For certain training courses, PNRI makes arrangements with other private companies, government agencies, universities, and hospitals for PNRI training participants to use their facilities.

Training Staff and Lecturers

The training staff and lecturers include the personnel of the NTC and other technical personnel of PNRI. These lecturers have undergone specialized training abroad in various aspects of nuclear S & T and are experienced in their area expertise.

PNRI invites resource persons from industry, universities, and medical institutions to talk on special topics. Experts from international organizations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are also invited to give lectures in their area of specialization.

General Course Requirements

Participants in any course must be endorsed by the head of the office if they belong to a government agency or a private company. Those participating on their own have to submit a written request to join the course.


These include specialized subjects such as the safe transport of radioactive materials and emergency planning and preparedness.

Research/Thesis Advisorship Program

This is open to any qualified graduate or undergraduate university/college student who wishes to undertake the laboratory research part of his/her thesis at the PNRI, making use of PNRI facilities and equipment.

Internship/On-the-Job Training Program

For students and technologists who would like to use nuclear techniques and experience working with PNRI researchers in the laboratory.

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