The Philippine government through the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) will host the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) - Regional Cooperative Agreement (RCA) Meeting on Modification of Natural Polymers through Radiation Processing on 13-17 December 2004 at the PNRI Compound, Quezon City.  The meeting aims to disseminate information and knowledge on radiation processing of natural polymers; to demonstrate the application of irradiated products for agriculture, healthcare and environment protection; and to disseminate knowledge enabling participants to plan application of the technology based on raw materials utilization.

The meeting is expected to provide knowledge on radiation technologies applications, including their advantages over the conventional technologies; training on the safe use of radiation for materials processing; and an increased capacity to utilize the acquired knowledge and skills in the planning and implementation of these processes at a national level.

The meeting, which will be attended by thirteen participants from twelve countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The PNRI Director, Dr. Alumanda M. Dela Rosa is the Philippine National Project Coordinator.