The Philippine Government, in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), will host from 14 to 19 March 2005, the IAEA/RCA Final Project Review Meeting of RAS/5/039 and Project Planning Meeting of RAS/5/043.

RAS/5/039 is the regional RCA project on "Restoration of Soil Fertility and Sustenance of Agricultural Productivity", while RAS/5/043 is the regional RCA project on "Sustainable Land Use and Management Strategies for Controlling Soil Erosion and Improving Soil and Water Quality."

The back-to-back meetings intend to gather the National Project Coordinators from the RCA Member States participating in the said projects. Thirteen participants (including the Technical Officer from the International Atomic Energy Agency) will meet to review the progress of the precursor project and to formulate the workplan under the present project.

Philippine representation to this one-week affair will be made by Ms. Elvira Sombrito, the National Project Coordinator (NPC) of RAS/5/039, Ms. Adelina Bulos, who is the NPC for RAS/5/043, and Mr. Richard Balog - all from PNRI.